Apart from the Goddess Danteshwari Temple, district Dantewada has number of ancient and historically important temples and structures. The sculptures of ‘Barsur’ lets one to peep into the glorious past of this region while the ‘Memory Pillars’ which are found in many places of the district are handy in understanding the rich culture and tradition of the local tribes.

                   Dantewada is inhabited by several tribal groups such as Maria, Muria, Dhurwa , Halba ,Bhatra, Gonds etc. The songs and dances they perform during various fares and melas adds colors to the calm and pleasant rural life of the district. Watching the famous ‘Dandami Mariyas’ or ‘Gonds of Bison Horn’ dancing in groups, wearing a turban with the Bison Horns is certainly a treat to one’s eyes ears and the soul a like. 

          Tribes of Dantewada are also famous for their artistic excellence. They are capable of producing outstanding artisans related to Terracotta, Bell Metal & Bamboo-Crafts etc.

                 Dantewada is blessed with various mines and minerals. Bailadila contains one of the largest deposits of Iron Ore in the world. The Iron content of the Ore is as high as 68%, which can easily be termed as of world class quality Ore. Similarly deposits like Uranium, Granite, Graphite, Lime Stone and Marble are also found in the district.

                  The tranquility of the forests, the sky-high peaks of mountains, the dust of the fairs and the drums of the tribes are what all allure you.  

      Beautyfull park lake view at bacheli Iron ore mine project.

  Bird-Eye view of  River Indravati  at Barsoor.

    Bonsai saal Trees In the forest of Dantewada.

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