Mineral Resources

   District Dantewada is enriched with precious mines / minerals in  abundant quantity. A short list of important mines / minerals that are found in the district are :-

1 Iron Ore       Iron Ore is available in Bailadila area in heavy quantity. Bailadila Iron Ore deposit is renowned in the world for both its quantity as well as quality. The Iron percentage in the Ore is between 60 to 68, which makes Bailadila one among the world's top quality Iron Ore. There are 14  deposits of Iron Ore with an approximate quantity of 3000 Lakh Tonnes. National Mineral Development Corporation Limited, is involved in the mining related activities of  these Iron Deposits.                                                                      

   Bailadila  also  holds an estimated quantity of 680 Lac Tonnes of "Blue Dust", Petetoigation Plant   is under consideration of NMDC .

2 Tin Ore    Tin Ore deposits are found at various places in the district like, Tongpal, Govindpal, Chintalnar,Kikirpal,Nerli,Lakharas,Bade Kameli Etc. 3237 Tone Tin Ore deposits have been confirmed so far, similarly 500 Tonne Tin Ore deposits are estimated in Bacheli and Padharpur areas.
3 Corundum    Mining department has confirmed an approximate deposit of 25 Tonne of Corundum at Dhangol & Kuchanur of  Bhopalpatnam Tehasil . Apart from these deposits Higher Grade quality of Corundum is identified at different villages of Bijapur Tehasils such as  Sendra, Usur, Cherapalli etc. In the recent investigations by Mining department a 500 Tonne industrial grade deposit of Corundum has also been discovered in Sukma region.
4 Granite   Different colored deposits of Granite is detected by the Mining department in Konta Region of the district. The quality of the deposit is estimated to be of around 3000 Lakh Tonne Cubic Meters.
5 Lapidolite   Lapidolite a mine used in preparation of Lithium / Lithium Carbonate, is found in areas such as Govindpalli, Mundwal of Tehasil Konta. These deposits are estimated to be of 3456 Tonne in quantity by the Mining Department.
6 Marble   An approximated deposit of around 800 Lakh Tonne of Marble, which can be used as shaped stone is identified at Sukma area of Konta Tehasil.
7 Siliminite/ Kaynite   Existance of a heavy deposit of Siliminite/Kaynite has been unearthed by the Mining Department, at KerapalKoyavekur of Tehasil Konta.



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