National Mineral Development Corporation

Bailadila Iron Ore Project  

Deposit (14) Kirandul and

Deposit (5) Bacheli


Iron ore mine


Work at mine

Ore on the conveyor belt

Blasting in the mine

Bailadila range of mines is perched on the southern tip of Chattisgarh in Dantewada District. The range comprises of 14 iron ore deposits rising to a height of 1260 metres above mean sea level. Bailadila lies in the Survey of India toposheet no. 65F/2 within latitude 18o32'32" North and 19o36'5" North and longitude 81o13' & 81o14'30".

"Bailadila" range of hills derive its name from the shape of hills. As the hills of the range look like 'the hump of an ox' it's named so by the native inhabitants of this place.

The association of very rich and extensive iron ores with hematite quartzite in the Bailadila range has first been made known to the world between 1898-1900 by Mr. P.N.Bose who was the first to do geological mapping of this region. A systematic geological mapping was done later between 1932-38 through which 14 iron ore bearing hills have been chalked out from the range. In view of the urgency of assessment of the mineral potentialities of this region, a separate cirlce of GSI was formed in December, 1958, and in the same year IBM was assigned the job of detailed proving of some of these deposits.

NMDC stepped in the area in the later half of 1961 and since then it is actively engaged in extraction, development and exploration of many deposits of the ranges, namely Deposit-14,5,4 and also 11C & 13.

The Commercial discovery of Bailadila dates back to 1955-56 when Prof. Euemura of Japanese Steel Mills Association, studying the memories of Geological Survey of India, draw the attention of the Japanese Steel Mills to the richness of the vast deposits of iron ore and its proximity to the Eastern Coast of India. Later an agreement has been signed with the Japanese Steel Mills in 1960. An approval of the project report prepared by NMDC has been given in 1964 and the Mine Plant has been inagurated in November 1968.

The initial capital investment in the project was of the order of Rs. 15.45 crores, which has since been revised on various counts to Rs. 27.17 crores. The foreign exchange earning in one full year has paid back the money invested in the whole project.

NMDC is presently operating three iron ore mines viz bailadila Iron Ore Deposit No 14 (commissioned in the year 1968), Bailadila Iron Ore Deposit No. 5 (Commissioned in January 1977) and Bailadila Iron Ore Deposit No. 11-c (Commissioned in June 1987), out of the 14 identified Iron Ore Deposits of the Bailadila range.

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