The revenue village of the district is divided into 6 tehsils namely Dantewada, Geedam, Katekalyan, Kuakonda, Bade Bacheli and Barsoor. Barsoor is the latest tehsil which was formed in March 2022 by bifurcation of Geedam tehsil.


Tehsil wise numbers of inhabited revenue villages are detailed here under :-
Sr.No. Sub Division Tehsil Name No. of Villages
1 Dantewada Dantewada 48
2 Dantewada Katekalyan 43
3 Geedam Geedam 41
4 Geedam Barsur 31
5 Bade Bacheli Kuakonda 26
6 Bade Bacheli Bade Bacheli 45

There are 07 uninhibited villages (Revnar, Harla, Norli, Jimer, Nadiapadar, Jharalava, Sivanaapadar) in the above 234 villages.

Masahati Village – 10 (Harala, Norli, Jotarai, Korkoti, Nagphani, Budhpadar, Madpal, Purantarai, Chandenar, Netapur)