Tourist Places


Tourist Places of District Dakshin Bastar Dantewada

Samlur Temple
Samlur Shiva Temple

Samlur is located around 9 KMs from District HQ Dantewada, here lies an ancient Shiva Temple almost intact and is…

Shiv Temple of Bacheli

Located 28 KMs from District HQ Dantewada, Bacheli is famous for finest Iron ore of the country. NMDC is doing…

Vijayaditya Temple-  Barsur
Barsur – An Archaeological Treasure

Once the Capital of Nagavansh Raja Banasur, Barsur is a fond destination for one who love history and ancient sculptures….

Fulpad Waterfall
Fulpad Waterfalls

Located amidst lush green hilly area Fulpad is an adventure spot for one who love trekking and nature alike

Ganesh Idol on Dholkal Hillock
Dholkal Ganesh

Dholkal Ganesh is a beautiful spot located 3000 feet high in the Bailadila Mountain ranges in District Dantewada.  A 3…

Danteshwari Temple Dantewada

Temple dedicated to the most revered Goddess of Bastar Ma Danteshwari, believed to be one among the 52 Shakti Pithas….