Health has been a focal sector for the district administration in the past few years . Some proactive measures adopted by the Government have helped in filling the vacant para medical staff, doctors and specialist doctors posts considerably. Further to this improvising the health institutions through providing modern equipment, labs and other essential facilities is paying good dividends. Government hospitals are the only source of medical care in the district, hence fine tuning the health services is essential, which is being done relentlessly. 

Status of Health Institutions in the district is as under :-
S.No. Type of Health Institution Number of Health Institutions available in the District
1 Community Health Centres 4
2 District Hospital 1
3 Primary Health Centres 13
4 Sub-Health Centres 76
5 Jeevan Deep Samitis 15
6 Mitanin 1372
7 Red Cross 1
8  Mass Drug Centres 16
9 IMR(per 100 Live Birth) 44