Dantewadais blessed with many beautiful locations that can win the attention and laurels of the tourists who like nature walk and adventurous trekking  and climbing. Though there are plenty of such locations in the district, a safe and organised tourism has been initiated only a couple of years back in the district with the initiative of the district administration.

Community Tourism is an initiative by the District Administration of Dantewada with the objective to develop the skill of people, especially socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Dantewada region, and provide livelihood and job opportunities in Tourism sector. For this purpose, the District Administration has been supporting the not-for-profit organizations undertaking programs for training and skill development of local people and sensitizing them about the importance of conserving the natural resources and utilize them efficiently for their livelihood.

With the help of the trained local guides adventure tours are possible to two very good locations namely Dholkal and Fulpad, many more spots such as Tular Gufa, Handawada, Jhirka, Jharalawa etc are under the active consideration of the Community Tourism, and guided tours may be possible in near future to some or all of these spots.

Dholkal:  By travelling around 17 KMs by road passing through villages Bhogam and Faraspal one can reach the Dholkal Bhawan, a tourist building, where a trained local youth will be available to guide the tourist to 3000 feet trekking to the peak of a mountain located in the green Bailadila ranges. Having reached the peak through a non so properly laid steps and road, one will come to see a 3 feet 1000 year old beautiful stone idol of Lord Ganesha. History of this Ganesha Idol is still a subject of research, and is widely believed to be the ages of Naga dynasty which ruled this area in 10th to 11th centuries AD.  The calm and serene climate on the peaks of the mountain ranges will remain to be a moment to cherish for years.

Apart from the adventures of trekking and mountaineering one also enjoy the Chapda Chatni (Chanti of Red Ants) and the other tribal food, with the courtesy of the guide provided by the Community Tourism, Similarly if properly planned, arrangements for a night stay with dinner can also be arranged in the wild location, to make the tour really remarkable.

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How to Reach: Faraspal is around 12 KMs far from Dantewada town, which is motorable through a well laid road, Taxis can be hires from Dantewada bus stand to cover this distance.  At around 3 KMs distance from Faraspal one will find Dholkal Bhawan, where guides will be available to help you further.

Fulpad: Located at around 42 KMs from Dantewada town, Fulpad is a beautiful water fall in a steep rocky track of  a green valley. Visiting this beautiful spot will be a treat especially in the months of October to March. If planned properly Community Tourism can arrange for a guide as well as facilities to trek down the hilly tracks of the waterfall, to make the visit a fond memory.

Apart from trekking and spending a great time around the waterfall, one can also taste the hospitality of the tribal community, if planned well in advance.

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